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What You Need to Know Before Your Lash Appointment.

These are the things you will need to know before booking your appointment with us. Failure to comply to these rules can lead to a damaged or short-lasting lash set. Your appointment can also be cancelled.



I ask all clients to please not wear mascara to their lash appointments. This well lead to an unnecessary amount of Lash baths needed. Which will lead to a lack of time on the actual lash set.


I recommend taking out any type of contact before your service, because of the amount of time your eye will be shut in the service. If contacts are left in this can not only damage the contact, but the eye itself. 

Consent Form

It is required to fill out a consent form before any services are done. This form will not expire until the next year. Failure to comply will lead to your lash appointment being cancelled.


Appointment Policy 
  • Unless you communicate with me before your appointment, I ask that you don't bring anyone to your appointment. That includes mom, dad, boyfriend, child, pets, etc.
  • As a licensed lash tech, I will examine your lashes to make sure the false lashes won't damage your existing lashes. If there are reasons that the false lashes will cause damage, then your appointment will be cancelled. Deposits will not be refunded.
Late Policy
  • Clients that are more than 10 minutes late to their appointment will be charged an additional $20 to their fee.
  • Clients that are over 15 minutes late to their appointment will lose their appointment and won't receive their deposit back.
Cancelation Policy
  • If you have to cancel your appointment it MUST be 24 hours before your appointment.
  • If you cancel closer than 24 hours until your appointment you will be charged 70% of your appointment fee.
  • No shows will also be charged 70% of their appointment fee.
Lash Fill Policy
  • I will not do work on someone else's work. Unless communicated beforehand with a visual consultation.
  • If you come in with someone else's work. Your lashes will be removed then reapplied as a full set.
Squeeze In Policy
  • Squeeze in clients are clients that want an appointment within the next 24 hours.  There is a $25 extra fee for this scheduling.
  • Squeeze in appointments can not be booked online and must contact me directly.
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